The Rules Of Racing

The horse racing commission, composed of three members appointed by the governor, is responsible for licensing, regulating and supervising all horse racing meets in the state where the parimutuel system is used. The commission also approves and regulates satellite locations and simulcasting, and licenses and regulates advance deposit wagering. The commission functions through periodic public meetings and where required, conducts hearings in accordance with this chapter. The Rules of Racing can be found in Title 260 WAC. The Laws of Racing (Chapter 67.16 RCW) can be accessed by clicking here.

Since 2001 the state of Washington has been a member of the Live Horse Racing Compact, Chapter 67.17 RCW. The National Racing Compact is an effort of member states to establish uniform requirements for the licensing of participants in live horse racing with parimutuel wagering. Participants receiving National Racing Compact licenses must meet a uniform minimum standard of honest and integrity.

Policy/Interpretive Statements

Policy/Interpretive Statements are the agency's attempt to keep the public advised as to the Commission's current opinion or approach to a given issue. Policy/Interpretive Statements are designed to help explain how a particular rule is interpreted by the Commission. They are advisory only and are not rules. Policy/Interpretive Statements are not enforceable, but are only used to better inform the public and those regulated by the Commission.